Shut Down TDC!

We have filed suit against the Sheriff’s Office and the City, claiming that TDC violates the 1,438 bed cap and the comprehensive zoning ordinance. We request that the court voids TDC’s Certificate of Occupancy and restrains the Sheriff from continuing to violate the bed cap.


TDC Satellite

Fact 1

TDC is a temporary detention center built after Hurricane Katrina that was intended to be demolished and decommissioned after the new jail opened.

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fact 2

TDC has a capacity to hold up to 800 people, in addition to the 1,438 beds of the new jail. Currently, over 200 people are being held in TDC, in violation of local law

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fact 3

According to the law, it needed to be demolished and decommissioned in April of 2017, 18 months after the new jail opened. The City is currently operating TDC illegally.

In January 2011, the New Orleans City Council authorized the use of the 400-bed temporary detention center with the stipulation that it will no longer be available for use 18 months beyond completion of the 1,438-bed jail (Phase II building). On March 15, 2017, this authorization expired…
— Vera Institute of Justice