Tell Cantrell: No New Jail!

The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office is set to announce plans for a new jail, in the midst of Carnival.

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Mayor Cantrell and many members of the New Orleans City Council were elected on promises of reducing the size of the jail, and their commitment to the 1,438 bed cap. Mayor Cantrell, as a councilmember, voted in 2017 against this 89-bed expansion and in favor of a retrofit; several councilmembers committed to the 1,438 bed cap during their campaigns.

On February 22, 2019, The Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition reaffirmed in a letter to the Mayor and City Council that we oppose the 89-bed expansion of the jail and the renovation of the Temporary Detention Center. We support a Phase III facility with an infirmary, additional attorney visitation rooms, and additional family visitation rooms. These additions will enhance the safety and wellbeing of those held in custody, will ensure that cases are processed more quickly, and will help people who are incarcerated maintain their relationships and connections to family and community.