Tell City Council: No Jail Expansion!

OPPRC delivered an Open Letter asking the City support a Phase III with no additional beds and to support a retrofit of Phase II to constitutionally house those with mental illnesses who must be incarcerated. Let councilmembers know that New Orleans does NOT want a bigger jail!

Learn more about Phase III, or take action now:

Call/Email Script

Hi, my name is __________, and I’m a resident and voter in District______. I’m calling to urge you to pass an ordinance that limits the number of people detained in the jail. New Orleans already incarcerates at nearly twice the national average in a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world. Rather than investing $2 million to operate a temporary detention center, we need you to ensure that these funds are being invested into community programs that will truly keep us safe and reduce the number of people in jail. Please follow through on the promises made by members of this Council in May made and pass an ordinance to limit over-incarceration.

City Council Contact

If you do not know who your City Council representative is, call the front desk at (504) 658-1000 and ask!

Jason Williams

(504) 658-1070

Helena Moreno

(504) 658-1060

Jay H. Banks

District B
(504) 658-1020

Joseph I. Giarrusso

District A
(504) 658-1010

Kristen Gisleson Palmer

District C
(504) 658-1030

Jared Brossett

District D
(504) 658-1040

Cyndi Nguyen

District E
(504) 658-1050