Bail Ordinance Unanimously Passed by City Council

On January 12, 2017, New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a municipal bail reform ordinance that eliminated money bail for most municipal charges. OPPRC has been advocating for municipal bail reform for nearly two years. OPPRC applauds the City Council in taking on this important issue. While this ordinance is an important step towards righting the injustices of the justice system, much work remains to be done towards ensuring that nobody is incarcerated simply because they are poor.

Call your City Councilmember to thank them for their leadership in this issue, and to encourage them to oppose the recommended jail expansion.

Hi, my name is __________, and I'm a resident and voter in District______. I'm calling to thank you for voting for municipal bail reform.  This ordinance is an important step in righting the injustices of our justice system. I am also calling to encourage you to oppose the recommended jail expansion, in order to continue to reduce mass incarceration in New Orleans. Thank you for your leadership.