OPPRC Statement on Jail Compliance Director

Last week, a federal judge announced the terms of the agreement reached between Sheriff Marlin Gusman and plaintiffs in the Consent Decree over the jail (including inmates in the jail, the City of New Orleans, and the US Department of Justice).  According to the terms of the Receivership Settlement, a Compliance Director will oversee operations of the jail and has final authority over budget, contracts, personnel, and policies. Though the sheriff may offer advice and give approval, the Compliance Director has final authority and answers to the court. OPPRC remains committed to a safer, smaller, more humane jail. We continue to advocate for community oversight, to advocate for the safety of all who are inside OPP, and to oppose the expansion of our jail system with an additional jail building. We believe appointing a Compliance Director with authority over the jail is an important step towards a safer, smaller jail.

As Sheriff Gusman “relinquishes control over the jail,” our demands for a safer, smaller, more humane jail, one that is operated transparently with the input of the community, remain unchanged.